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If you may have noticed, the construction and format of this website is either very simple, some people even think it is non-technical  sauvy.  Yes, they are correct is because this website has been founded by a mission of affordability for limited earners, people with disabilities, unemployed and disadvantage sectors of society.  Back in the days, you need to have a creative and professionally made site developed by technical gurus.  The concept of our company is unique as what you see is what you get. 

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In 1929 major daily newspapers in San Francisco were battled by mergers  as a result of the depression econonmy, today the city's major newspaper, "San Francisco Chronicle" is also battling tough times.  But any resident of the city would affirm on how this major daily has affected the daily lives of San Franciscans.  So your first resource page today would be the the new sign of online technology.  You see history plays a lot on events and the economic outlook and thus is why we have brought this to you online.



What happens when there are not enough jobs and companies keeps cutting jobs.  People either look for another job and most likely sometimes, it is an issue of skills, training and experience.  So either you are someone that does not have enough skills and training for a particular job did you know that you could even wok virtually today as long as you have the tools, and the technology like the computer.  So your next resource is in front of you. While looking for a job, networking, going to interviews why not not try online and distance learning?

Solar, Green and Bio-Technology


How did we get here? What was the price of oil and gas before your car got repossess? The new emerging energy source today is "solar", living a healthy green liefstyle, staying healthy even without insurance, but had you heard of incorporating the concepts of the environementalist and technology combined makes a bio-technology future? Hence is why we have affordable today a household name in an age of mobile technology and computers?   Your third resource would be your next door neighbor which you may have perhaps forgotten all this time because you were so busy with your high flourishing job then.





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Warning: Although, some of the links and inofrmation found on this page are developed to help people with limited income, some of the information contained are online advertising materials in order for us to sustain our business operations.  Our business is not a non-profit business but a profit making business so we have to consider income generating advertisements.