The Shaky Perils of the American Dream

A home in the suburbs, a car, emergency cash, savings for retirement and vacation plans of a lifetime.

With the onset of the greatest economic recession in 2007 since 1929, the average median income of the American middle class has dwindle almost the same as the price of a used car waiting to be sold in a nearby struggling used car dealership.

With americans even cutting back on individual health care, they simply don't have any further assets to cash, liquidate or even pawn.  Negative income for some like best selling author Eckhart Tolle is not something new.  Each day I meet people to talk about my economic stories and financial struggles, people react as if the simple living conditions I enjoy is such a depressive mode in a person's mental state.   Yet, as I continue to exist and advocate for the low income plight, simplicity can be a path towards inner happiness and satisfaction.   It takes a lot of courage to face different realistic periods in our lifetime.

While some americans are currently struggling to face the reality of negative net worth, we must envision the times as if we are just buying our first car or first home towards slowly building equity.  Yes, it will take a while to rebuild again, a lot of hard and self acceptance but once we get to that point of reality acceptance it will not be an issue after all.  

The past year of growing assets and income inequality has led to the two tier retail sector which is focus on luxury goods and the other on bargain or thrifty shopping.

Hence, over time at Affordable Books the simple reinforcement of affordability did not make sense at first.   But what needs to be clarified is that affordability is the gap between the luxury and bargain shopping as it is simply bridging the inequality towards wise spending behaviors.

So as we promote what low income and middle wage earners run through each day, hopefully it will make a better sense on our social and reponsible initiatives at ADLE International.

With best regards,

Alex Esguerra