The following Advocacy Projects are personally endorsed by us which is part of our campaign for Independent Free Press and Expression. We are not paid or have taken special advertisements on the ff. projects and are purely voluntary as part of the Philanthropy efforts of our founder, Former APEC Youth Representative, Alex Esguerra. 






  Politics:  - Hillary Clinton, one of the two Democratic Party nominees of the Presidential Elections in 2008 is also an ally, friend, author and motivational speaker.  We believe on her sincerity toward uplifting America out of it's present economic recession turmoil. 


  Religion and Spritiuality:     Joyce Meyer Ministries - We believe that Joyce Meyer has the passion to teach and fight for the makings of Women and people of color. Joyce's eyeglass campaign program based in Fenton, MO is an ideal non-profit project on helping people with disabilities.






  Phillips Business Consulting - Strategic planning and business planning that help small businesses succeed.  From time to time, offers a 10% discount.




Social Services:


Glide UMC, is a placed for food, the homeless needing shelter and the sick who needs health care.


Asian-Pacific Wellness Project, is a community based organization dedicated to the Asian and Pacific community and HIV afflicted individuals.


Recycled Aids Medicine Program, a humanist movement that accepts all HIV medications and delivers them overseas. 


Healing Waters - Want to heal and raft at the American River?  Why not check them out and see the experience of the pyschology of the healing waters to men and women.



 -  The Southern California Biomedical Council (SCBC) is the trade association of the Greater Los Angeles Life Sciences Industry. It's mission involves promotion and supporting life sciences technology in the region of job creation and economic growth. They are located in Los Angeles, CA.    -   Baybio is an indepdendent nonprofit 501 (c) (6) trade association serving the life sciences industry in Northern California.  It is an organization that supports the regional bioscience community through advocacy, enterprise support, and enhancing research collaborations.


   The BIOENTREPRENEURSHIP CENTER was created and devleoped by the UCSF and located at the Mission Bay campus.   It offers mentoring and training for faculty members whose discoveries might form basis of a "SPIN-OFF". It also offers funding for translational drug development and is supported alongside with the QB3 Institute. -  Typically known as the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center serves to educate, develop, mentor and promote small business entrepreneurs.  It's facilities and programs composed of networking events,  Incubator Program and Business Planning classes.  






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