ADLE International started from a lof of humble beginnings, successes, pitfalls, and mistakes as any struggling start-up home based small business enterprise.


The story of Affordable Books and ADLE International encompasses the life stories and struggles of persistence and determination of it's founder, author, writer, blogger 


philanthropist, Alex Esguerra.


As a major brick and mortar online independent retailer, the storytelling begins with smallbusinessmentors  in 1999. Fresh from the collapse of an export and etock market empire after being hit by the 1998 Asian Economic Crisis which led to the stock market collapse in 1999, a ever persistent entrepreneur roam the parks of Vancouver, B.C. homeless, hungry and struggling for survival.


However, faith, hope and determination persisted when a struggling Alex still managed to register ADLE International as a sole proprietorship in Salem, the capital city of the state of Oregon, USA.


The marketing guru branded once again the belief of social reponsibility while trying to recover from the ruins of a great dream.   As always, thinking about using information as a way to dessiminate human compassion, Affordability for the limited income became a mission towards the vision of mentoring the youth in becoming great leaders of tomorrow.


With limited resources and a formal web technology education, the ADLE founder found his fascination towards search engines, online marketing and email communication experimented on pure website presence.  This was also a way to reaching out back to old friends, a way to re-stimulate his own sanity and continue to hope for a better life.


Thus in 2000, ADLE's branding continued through it's European allies and eventually found it's way as a small third party seller on major auctions sites like Ebay, Yahoo Auctions and


When 9/11 came in 2001, a more focused ADLE platform came into reality by way of expanding the growing niche in Europe towards the US and Canada for a more product focused Affordable Booksonline.


Little by tittle, it develop and expanded it's web presence and search engine optimizations through the help of philanthropic search engines like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL.


All the time, the idea came to be known towards a trying hard limited income earner due to the fact that the ADLE founder had a grandeur idea of making it big on the internet by still existing as a struggling one man start-up. 


More challenges came into the ADLE's ability to grow when in 2004, the one person founder came into reality with a irreversible chronic illness.   The fighter within then had to finally get to work with a team directly and indirectly in order for the dream to remain in focus.


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Yet through the personal struggles, more affiliations were strengthen and formed with Ebay,, Abebooks, and   Little by little the compassionate major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft saw the company potential as well as the writer beneath the ADLE founder.


I was already into online journals, blogging and social networks during the beta phases when everyone was still neither optimistic or pessimistic that these technologies were going to be the future of online marketing, says Alex.


2008 came as a new milestone into the ADLE existence when it finally made the decision that this was going to be the graduation from a mere side line hobby when it finally concieved it's major business outlook and plan.  Guided by the


Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center,  


American Booksellers Association


A new era was born into what ADLE International is today with,,,,,,,,, Usedbooksworld,  http;//, http://www.bestcarparkingapp.comQuality CD'sAffordable DVD's




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