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What is the idea behind "Off-Line Search"?


We only have a fraction of our total inventory catalogued and online. If you were unable to find the book you wanted, then please complete the form below and we will search our off-line inventory for you.


If we don't have the book in our inventory, then we will contact fellow booksellers or simply direct you to our affiliates to locate the book for you. This is a major course of our business model.  Delivering "affordability" is almost giving information for the customer. We believe that traditionally, capitalist greed mentality would be either not to make that extra step as we are not going to benefit from it.   Although like any business, we are a profit making business, our customer service commitment centers of delivering value.

Fast, simple, practical, affordable, honest and fair are some of the words that best drives our loyal customers to keep coming back and also patronizing our affilliates.


We have been very successful in finding books for our customers. We are experts in the book business; let us complete your book search for you.


Please complete as much of the form as possible. The more detail you provide, the more likely we will find the book you want. 20,000 GPS POI's $9.99 468x60-LSAT-Coursesbanner PreDisease.com